The history of Tagina is a story of a journey started in 1973 and originated from the collection of a precious heritage of the ancient manufacturing school of Gualdo Tadino.The heritage of the past,the anchorage to the tradition,the loyalty to the quality and the warmth of a handmade manufacture haven’t been limits for the projection of the company towards the future but have represented solid basis on which prepare and plan the market and customer approach,with the ambition to pursue the beauty and the elegance of an art that comes from the past.

One of Tagina’s elements of high distinction, in the panorama of ceramic sector companies, is the presence of an internal research laboratory with a team of technicians, chemists and painters constantly busy in the planning, research and testing of new ceramic projects. The production process combines the artisan skill with the entrepreneurial spirit and the industrial organization to obtain a product with a high technological content, realized with a keen artisan hand to create an exclusive result with a high technical-artistic level


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