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Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics


Meinardi has known this reality more than twenty years ago and, after so many years, has had the opportunity to appreciate again the fresh, innovative, current and, last but not least, qualitatively exemplary lines of this historic Italian company.

Tonalite products are designed and developed to be the element with which to give shape to creativity. Studied on the basis of a wide chromatic range and with a complementary and versatile variety of shapes and special pieces, Tonalite products enhance a design culture where the material is a tool for a free realization of the spaces. The ceramic element is therefore the means through which the designer and the project can express themselves beyond the limits of an idea, creating originality.

Evolution is their watchword. A reality that starts from the artisan passion, and preserving its value, it grows as a solid brand in the sales network, with an eye always attentive to technological research and the most innovative design. Tonalite is your ceramic partner. Tonalite is born from a family passion and every year it renews itself experimenting new projects and preserving the craftsmanship of the production. Tonalite’s style is recognizable and spans 4 continents and 47 countries to bring passion and tradition to Italian ceramics. Thanks to the value, the design of their products and the sales network, the number of customers grows every year and is enriched with new collaborations. Colors and shapes come together to enhance the style of every space and place. The choice of Tonalite reflects the choice of authenticity and character. Different sizes characterize the Tonalite collections. The shapes are able to emphasize styles and furniture choices. Geometry is one of the passions of Tonalite and among the collections you will find many shapes to adapt to your design choices.


Specialized in:

Fine porcelain stoneware, ceramics
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