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“TREND”, synonymous with trendy, is a term that indicates the direction in which it moves change. Since its founding in 2000, TREND GROUP has established itself within a very short time as a leading manufacturer of high quality materials such as stained glass, Venetian enamels, gold leaf tiles and agglomerated glass, quartz and granite solutions, the author perfectly able to synthesize the essential principles of the Italian tradition with the dynamic creativity of the most famous designers, architects and contemporary artists.

The Group has embraced this general philosophy, artfully combining the finest tradition of nineteenth-century Venetian furnace Angelo Orsoni · a place of creative excellence in which four generations have been handed down mysterious alchemy · the innovation of its modern engineered facility located in Florida and dedicated to the production of agglomerates. With production and assembly facilities in four continents and offices in over 50 countries, Trend annually distributes more than 1.5 million square feet of glass mosaic tiles and 800,000 square feet of surface agglomeration.

Able to combine the taste of tradition with careful sensitivity to changing markets, the company unceasingly cultivates a strong vibrant cultural creative spirit and purpose · evidenced by its support for contemporary art, as a member of Association of the Guggenheim Intrapresae and founder of the biennial Award Orsoni Prize for international mosaic art · but also a clever use of technology, with an eye towards the environment. This aspect in which over time has led to a TREND real turning eco-friendly, thanks to which the Company can now be considered, in effect, a “green company” to 360°.



Trend, video with Lucio Orsoni
Trend, Corporate Movie
Trend, the glass mosaic
Trend, glass agglomerate
Trend, Aureo mosaic
Trend, Villa alle Scalette and Missoni


Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads

Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads


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