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Shower and Shower Trays


The company Vetreria Elia Vismara was founded in 1947, though it was many years prior – in 1907 – that Giuseppe Vismara began his business selling mirrors and plate glass. The original Italian company was an industrial organisation and still is today, as unique and exceptional as Vismaravetro shower enclosures.

Manual skill and industrialisation, technology and research, design and communication: all of these qualities were founded on solid strategies and production specialisation now in its third generation.Since the beginning Vismaravetro has produced exclusively Made in Italy shower enclosures: all phases from design to shipment take place at the production facilities in Giussano and Verano Brianza (16,000 square metres in the province of Monza Brianza) in accordance with precise design and technology criteria. Today Vismaravetro is the leader in the integrated production of tempered glass shower enclosures offering standard products that are both flexible and custom-made.

Specialized in:

Shower and Shower Trays

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