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Construction materials and for installation


The sector knows directly tileable building materials, floor-level shower elements and wedi design modules. The wedi company, leader of innovations founded 35 years ago, operates today in 36 countries and for all new developments collaborates closely with architects, specialist retailers and tilers.

The requirements in terms of versatility, simplicity and security characterize the wedi program. The enormous flexibility in terms of formats and shapes of materials and building elements ensures ample creative freedom. Installers appreciate a lean system, whose components exactly matched each other allow a quick and precise assembly. It is a great feeling to know that with wedi you are confident on a technical level: the wedi panels and elements are 100% watertight. The company also offers premium quality in the assistance service – from sales aids to refresher courses and support in application techniques.

Even with the latest innovations for floor-level showers wedi presents intelligent solutions for frequent construction problems. In many assembly situations the designers and installers have too low a structure height available. Fundo Plano solves this problem with elegance: the complete system, consisting of floor element and integrated drain, has a total height of 65 mm – and thus also fits where every millimeter counts. This also applies to the new Fundo Ligno floor-level shower element which can be inserted incredibly perfectly into wooden beam structures.

Thanks to the rigid foam of extruded polystyrene and the subsequent coating, a multitude of high value properties are combined in a single product. Wedi offers unimaginable possibilities, from protection against humidity, to effective thermal insulation, to high functionality as a supporting material for tiles and other coverings. In the hands of an expert, any product created by the wedi panel is therefore an extraordinary constructive element, whose forms and applications seem to have no limits. The most disparate thicknesses and the simple and flexible processing make all wedi panels truly capable of anything.

It is possible to make any shape in a personalized way: supporting material for walls, covering of old surfaces and pipes, floor covering systems or bathroom furniture.

wedi, as a family-run company operating worldwide, is aware of its responsibility in the economic, ecological and social fields. This is shown both in the integration of low environmental impact solutions in production and in our social commitment. To anchor the issue of sustainability on an even more solid basis within the company, we continue to expand our strategy in this regard. Long-term success is based on wedi on the balance between economic, ecological and social objectives.

Economic responsibility
With our innovations and our products we help customers succeed in the long term. To this end, artisanal know-how, knowledge of customer needs and the correct assessment of future factors in construction are indispensable. Sustainable construction is such an essential factor, which represents a reduction in environmental impact thanks to concrete solutions. Energy efficiency and resource savings, but also building without barriers for all ages are important goals for wedi. We pursue them consistently and provide optimized solutions for all those involved in the building project: clients, designers, retailers and installers.

Ecological responsibility
As a manufacturing company, wedi constantly strives to optimize every single process in a sustainable way, to save raw materials, reduce waste and exploit or produce energy as efficiently as possible. In recent years, continuous efforts to improve plants and processes and create closed circuits in recycling and energy recovery have reduced emissions to air, water and soil.

Social responsability
As a globally operating economic structure, we are aware of the responsibility towards important interests for the company and for our employees. wedi is therefore committed to the utmost responsibility in terms of work and plant safety, health protection and staff services. Since 2001, wedi employees have also committed themselves to the internal charitable organization wedicef. In our information brochure “Ways to Sustainability” we want to show you what sustainability really means for wedi.


Specialized in:

Construction materials and for installation
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