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Construction materials and for installation


Wellness products and services – or better said, feel-good products and services – have been easy sellers for many years already. However, with increased availability and corresponding demand, user expectations regarding wellness facilities have risen. What users want now is innovative, unusual solutions with outstanding technology and design This means that planners, architects and facility builders are faced with the challenge of repeatedly coming up with new “masterpieces”. In order to be able to satisfy these requirements in addition to our normal business, wedi offers its cooperation partners an extensive and professional programme of commercial construction services. This tailored all-in service supports wedi customers from the initial concept to the completed structure.

Using the Wedi customised building is easy and is based on a standardised project execution model. It always begins with the client’s planning sketches, into which the shower technologies and drain or supply lines are integrated as desired. Following this, the wedi commercial construction service generates individual CAD designs.

Once these designs have been approved, an agreed budget has been set and the order has been placed, all of the necessary elements are produced from waterproof extruded rigid polystyrene foam ready for tile setting.
A final trial assembly in the factory ensures that all of the necessary components will be present at the job site and can be installed with precise fitting and no loss of time.

Specialized in:

Construction materials and for installation
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