Relais Villa Abbondanzi: new private spa!

10 February 2018

The new private spa of Relais Villa Abbondanzi in Faenza has been covered with mosaics supplied by Meinardi. A special […]

Bellitalia: protect furnishing with elegance and practicality

2 February 2018

We wish to return to the theme of protection of sensitive sites both for public places and for companies. Bellitalia with […]

Matrioška 8/9/10 December in Rimini, Castel Sismondo

4 December 2017

Matrioška is the annual event, held in Rimini in different locations, chosen in contradiction with its intended use, in which […]

Cotto Manetti Gusmano & figli

30 November 2017

Our activity, since 1955, has seen us protagonists in distributing the Tuscan cotto in our area. Over the years, we […]

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