Bellitalia: protect furnishing with elegance and practicality

2 February 2018

We wish to return to the theme of protection of sensitive sites both for public places and for companies.┬áBellitalia with […]

Bellaria, Rimini: The compacted stone for the canal port.

1 February 2018

The compacted stone was chosen to pave the Bellaria canal port: the characteristics of anti-slip, frost resistance, perfect adhesion to […]

Ditra 25 & Litoflex K80: Unity is strength.

6 December 2017

The special package Schl├╝ter Systems Ditra 25 and Litokol Litoflex K80 is now available. Membrane and glue together to provide […]

Slate Lab & Villa Mozart – CasaClima 2017 –

23 November 2017

Villa Mozart, Bolzano, project of the “bluearch” study in Bolzano, was coated externally with our 2mm thick quartzite. An example […]

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