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This section contains technical information about certain products or installation techniques.
There is also a useful section to download data sheets.

Waterproofing techniques >>

For over 10 years Meinardi solves problems of damaged pavement and source of leaks and seepage. For inspections and free quotes, contact us.

We invite you to read the following images.

Installation of panels in expanded and extruded polystyrene >>

In the following images you can have a foretaste of what it is possible to realize with polystyrene panels. The technical features and the ease  installation of the panels have a quickly and safely result in a variety of applications.

Laying reconstructed stone >>

In this section you can see some pictures of achievements in reconstructed stone.

Laying Trentino porphyry >>

Meinardi can provide and lay Trentino porphyry in different ways size and color from the cube to slabs, from honey color to red one. The Trentino porphyry is a material widely used both for the recognized characteristics in wear resistance and antislip for both the multiple applications also in decorative coating.

Laying of skirting boards flush with the wall>>

The skirting boards flush with the wall is one of the requests of finishing that ultimately we are asked more and more often. On this page, you will see some photos taken in the pipeline, examples of installation techniques or details of special pieces.

Wall restoration>>

In several sites, both new and renovation, we often have to respond to a request to permanently eliminate degraded walls or apply dehumidifying mortars with long-term guarantees. In this section, you can view images of long lasting and effective results.





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