Schlüter Systems Ditra: When “weakness is the true strength”

It is a well-established principle in nature that flexibility is the true strength of a tree or any other plant. Just think of the pretty poplars, over 20 meters high, that bend in the wind without breaking. Even in the construction world, the flexibility of the structure is one of the fundamental principles to guarantee its resistance. A rigid building, unable to adapt to the movements of the ground and to the different expansions of building materials, would be particularly fragile and inevitably subject to the risk of cracks and collapse. Yet, in the world of ceramic flooring, the use of glues for laying thin bed has spread, offering, on the contrary, an incredible strength of adhesion. This total adhesion, necessary for gluing low-porosity materials such as modern porcelain stoneware, can be a problem for the integrity of the tiled surface. The ceramic is “welded” with incredible strength (over 18,000 KG for a 30×30 tile!) In the background and loses the ability to compensate for the different movements and dilatations, breaking. To overcome this problem, the Schlüter®-DITRA sheath is born. Schlüter®-DITRA creates a “Separation in Adhesion” between the ceramic mantle and the substrate, safeguarding the adhesion of the ceramic mantle but at the same time guaranteeing the necessary flexibility between the different layers of the “floor system”.   But how is this apparent “squaring of the circle” possible?   The “separation” is guaranteed by the material of the membrane itself, PET, hostile to any type of bonding and therefore also to ceramic glues. The “Adhesion”, on the other hand, is ensured by a mechanical dovetail anchoring system offered by the small pyramids with the trunk of the sheath, in which the glue is distributed. Substrate, sheath and ceramic mantle are thus solidly connected to each other, but at the same time released in their various expansions. The risk of breaking the tiles is avoided.


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