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Energy plants
Construction materials and for installation

Schlüter Systems

For over 15 years Meinardi cooperates firmly to Schlüter Systems for what concerns both products useful to the laying (profiles, joints ..) both for carrying out the waterproofing and laid without expansion joints visible.

In our page dedicated to the projects, you can scroll through the images of some phases of installation of our waterproofing: a success story that continues for more than 15 years!!

Meinardi is available for surveys and estimates, as well as’ education and on-site assistance to those who, installers or builders, want to waterproof, or laid without joints securely with the method Schlüter Systems.


Specialized in:

Energy plants
Construction materials and for installation
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Schlüter Systems Ditra: When “weakness is the true strength”
Meinardi Sas & waterproofing system Ditra Schlüter System – Construcion sites –
Schlüter System, Kerdi line
Meinardi Sas & waterproofing system Ditra Schlüter System – How does it work –
Schlüter Systems, Laying instructions on Ditra 25 waterproofing system
Schlüter System Ditra
Schlüter System, Kerdi Shower
Schlüter System, Kerdi line part 1
Schlüter System Introduction to the Shower System


Construction site H

The exterior shown in these pictures had problems of infiltration in the spaces below. The waterproofing, with Schlüter Systems, of the floor, the staircase, the roof garden and accompanied by all the special elements required , made this external permanently protected and safe.




Xps Structure for turkish bath, shower and tub

In these pictures you can appreciate all the rapidity, lightness and project possibilities of a fully shaped zone with Xps panels.

Kerdi-Board, Kerdi-Line and Infinity Drain

Kerdi board and Kerdi line are the best to create showers flush with the floor and eventual external drains.
The linear discharges Infinity, with the fastening system flanges, internal slopes  and different aesthetic finishing allow us to create safe and precise external drains.

If You would watch to installation video, link to our dedicated web page.



Laying examples of extruded polystyrene

We have collected some more example of structures made of polystyrene.

Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads

Exibition area built using Eps and Xps system with working showers and shower heads

Partition wall installation

The phases of realization of a shower wall in polystyrene are simple and rapid, being able to optimize space, time and construction costs.

Polystyrene walls for Bathtub

The polystyrene panels can be assembled to make a simple corner bathtub or a supporting structure for positioning the bathtub in the center room. Without waiting time breaks, it is possible to lay any kind of coating.


Outdoor installation details

Outdoor installation details.

Construction site A

250 square meters, outdoor: the laying of the conduit allows to directly superimpose the new pavement without demolishing the existing deteriorated floor.

Construction site B

350 square meters, solarium: the laying of the sheath allows to lay on top of the existing floor and run the new installation without placing unaesthetic expansion joints: no aesthetic changes in designer’s project!

Construction site C

500 square meters: the laying of the sheath occurs after removing the previous flooring and built new screed. The laying is performed just after 24 hours the execution of the screed without time breaks.

Construction site D

250 square meters, outdoor: the laying of the sheath occurs after removing the existing screed and floor. Installation without time breaks and without unaesthetic expansion joints enables a perfect aesthetic result.

Construction site E

Indoor: the sheath allows you to lay hundreds of square meters of flooring in large size without unaesthetic expansion joints. Schlüter-Systems’ range of mattings and membranes are designed to waterproof and protect tiled installations from lateral movement, cracked substrates and water penetration.

Construction site F

External laying: the existing waterproofing system, once mechanically removed, has permitted the application of  Schlüter Systems, to perform a load test and lay the  wooden float decking.


Construction site G

In the pictures below, you can see the remaking of a pavement laid just a few months before: our job has required the proper waterproofing in a specific area and the complete restoration of steps that allows access to the basement rooms.

Directly from our news

News at Schlüter Systems

We are pleased to announce that several innovations have been introduced in the Schlüter Systems world. Tuesday, March 19 at 18, at our exhibition hall in Via Volta 2 in Faenza, there will be a training meeting dedicated to displaying all the updates of the range.

At the end of the meeting will follow a buffet to thank all the participants.

For information, contact us directly!



Schluter Systems technical information seminar

We are pleased to inform you about the new Schluter Systems Technical Informative Seminar of Wednesday 4 July 2018 at the National Training Center Schluter Systems Italia S.r.l. in via Bucciardi n. 31/33 Fiorano Modenese (MO).
The seminar will be valid for 4 training credits for the register of architects. To register, you can follow the instructions on the IM@TERIA platform, or by sending the name, surname, social security number, n. registration and membership order at


Schlüter-Systems course for register of surveyors

In 11-04-2018, at the Oriani Technical Institute in Faenza, the course was held on the problems and regulations related to the waterproofing of terraces and balconies in the exterior. We wish to thank the participants of the course for the lively interest shown in the topics covered. For those who have not been able to attend, you can schedule a meeting and receive information material: for an appointment, contact us!


When the “weakness” it is true strength

It is a well-established principle in nature that flexibility is the true strength of a tree or any other plant. Just think of the pretty poplars, over 20 meters tall, that bend in the wind without breaking.
Even in the construction world, the flexibility of the structure is one of the fundamental principles to guarantee its resistance. A rigid building, unable to adapt to the movements of the ground and to the different expansions of building materials, would be particularly fragile and inevitably subject to the risk of cracks and collapse.
Yet, in the world of ceramic flooring, the use of glues for laying thin bed has spread, offering, on the contrary, an incredible strength of adhesion. This total adhesion, necessary for gluing low-porosity materials such as modern porcelain stoneware, can be a problem for the integrity of the tiled surface. The ceramic is “welded” with incredible strength (over 18,000 KG for a 30×30 tile!) In the background and loses the ability to compensate for the different movements and dilatations, breaking. To overcome this problem, the Schlüter®-DITRA sheath is born.
Schlüter®-DITRA creates an “Adhesion Separation” between the ceramic mantle and the substrate, safeguarding the adhesion of the ceramic mantle but at the same time guaranteeing the necessary flexibility between the different layers of the “floor system.” But how can this apparent “quadrature” be achieved? of the circle “? The” Separation “is guaranteed by the material of the membrane itself, PET, hostile to any type of bonding and therefore also to the ceramic glues.

The “Adhesion”, on the other hand, is guaranteed by a mechanical dovetail anchoring system offered by the small pyramids with the trunk of the sheath, in which the glue is distributed. Substrate, sheath and ceramic mantle are thus solidly connected to each other, but at the same time released in their various expansions. The risk of breaking the tiles is avoided.

For any further information, request or clarification on the subject matter or the types of waterproofing today, please contact us by clicking on the image.

Ditra 25 & Litoflex K80: Unity is strength.

The special package Schlüter Systems Ditra 25 and Litokol Litoflex K80 is now available. Membrane and glue together to provide a complete and safe package as for 25 years is daily demonstrating Schlüter Systems Ditra 25, the famous polyethylene membrane to create joint continuous expansion and waterproofing, used by companies and artisans applicators.

Schlüter Systems does not produce adhesives, rather collaborates with the major producers present all over the world: this is to leave free choice to its customers and partners.
A choice that does honor but that sometimes meets the need to offer a complete package for customers who request it: hence our proposal Schlüter Systems Ditra 25 and Litokol Litoflex K80 which, certified by the same manufacturer of glue, guarantees perfect compatibility and tightness of the package.

To complete the package, grout and sealants for expansion joints are available: all at a price significantly lower than alternative combinations or different packages.

To know more or receive an offer without obligation, contact us!


Schlüter Systems Finec – the profile we need

Schlüter Systems has put a very useful profile in its product range: Finec, a stainless steel or anodized aluminum profile that can be used for all “handmade spatula” machining operations or for the applications of thin products such as mosaic or slabs in large grids.

The section, specially studied in the radius, allows minimal finish and a secure edge guard against accidental bumps.

Technical seminar Schlüter Systems

On Thursday, November 23, at the National Center for Vocational Training Schlüter Systems Italia, will be held the technical seminar on:

Innovative heating solutions

The course for architects will be valid for no. 4 Credits From Professional Professionals.

Contact us to receive the full day program: below you can see the invitation for the technical seminar.


Corso Schlüter Systems

Ditra Heat- E Schlüter Systems:

Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT has been developed offering unique electrical underfloor heating within the uncoupling matting layer system that eradicates sticky situations, measuring mistakes and self levelling and primer layers. Leaving other conventional systems out in the cold, Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT is the perfect all-in-one integrated solution for use under tiles and natural stone flooring.

In this news we show one of our realizations. We should thank the construction company “Salaroli Paolo” for the installation and the photos and I also thank the arch. Damiano Tabanelli for choosing our technology.

Ideal for refurbishment and renovation projects thanks to its uncoupling and crack-bridging properties, Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT is unlike anything else available due to its loose heating cables which are fixed down within the uncoupling mat free of tape as a result of its unique studded design. Offering optimum freedom for creating concentrated heating zones, as well as providing uniform spacing without the need for measuring and marking, the new system will dramatically cut installation time by up to 70%.

Time-saving benefits include:

. Easy press to lay cable – no tape or glue
. No self-levelling layer or primer laying – time saved on application
. Loose heating cable – greater flexibility
. Uniform spacing of every three studs – no measurements
. Integrated and balanced packages – all from one trusted manufacturer
. Can be tiled immediately – no waiting time

For more informations or for a quotation, contact us!

Infinity drainage system

Important news for the Infinity drainage system, which increasingly is chosen in the exteriors and interiors to create continuous linear drains.

Maintaining the characteristics that have made it unique (internal slope, ABS and hardware galvanized iron, laying felted surface for proper sealing system) is now available not only the total thickness of 12.5 cm but also reduced 8.5 cm ( finished floor !!). A reduced thickness requirement is useful in all those situations of restructuring with limited overall dimensions and heights.
For more information, technical details and quotes, please contact us !

Schlüter Systems technical meeting

Friday, March 10th, from 15 to 19 hours it will be held, at the Hotel in Ravenna CUBE, Seminar Technical information by Schlüter Systems.
The invitation is open to all technicians in the field: for those who are admitted to the architects, the course develops nr. 4 credits and registration must be submitted through the appropriate platform.
For those who are not related to credits, the registration can be done by contacting us at 348 9010741 or by registering at the contact form on the following page: REGISTRATION

Meeting Schlüter SystemsMeeting Schlüter Systems


Technical meeting Schlüter Systems

Meinardi, in collaboration with Schlüter System organizes the technical meeting
“Solutions for the bathroom and universal panel Schlüter KERDI-BOARD”.

Over the past two years, Schlüter Systems has introduced innovative new products, developing the concept of the KERDI-BOARD: from new solutions for flush fitting shower trays to new profiles for decorative surfaces, from new heating systems, including electric, very low thickness to ‘inclusion of LED lights to highlight paths or volumes …
The technical meeting has the intent to get to know the design possibilities with Schlüter Systems to those who have not yet used and has the intent to deepen their knowledge of new products and not only for those who already designs and knows Schlüter Systems.

Date March 25, 2015

Meeting at 07.30 at the headquarters of Meinardi Sas

The course will be held at the National Centre for Vocational Education System Schlüter Italy Srl, via Bucciardi 31 / 33-41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

The course is open to technical studies, architectural firms, and industry professionals.

Click on the image to read the invitation

Schlüter SystemsSchlüter Systems


Informative Meeting Schlüter Systems

Thursday April 4, Informative Meeting was held on Schlüter Systems, at the headquarters of the Italian branch in Fiorano Modenese.
With the participation of some engineers, was thorough knowledge of the use of extruded polystyrene and tested some application directly.

We take this opportunity to thank Schlüter Systems and technicians present at the meeting.

Kerdi line, changing the way you design showers

Schluter®-KERDI-LINE is an elegant, low profile linear floor drain specifically designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies in showers, steam rooms, wet rooms, and other applications that require waterproofing and drainage.

Shower bases must be sloped from all directions to point drains, therefore limiting tile selection to mosaics or other relatively small-format tiles.
However, shower bases can be sloped on a single plane to the KERDI-LINE linear drain, which enables the use of attractive large-format tiles. KERDI-LINE can be installed adjacent to walls or at intermediate locations, further increasing design options.

KERDI-LINE is also suitable for use in barrier-free applications, including areas subject to wheelchair traffic, which offer unique benefits in both utility and aesthetics. For some, limited mobility due to disability or age makes barrier-free showers a necessity for access. Other homeowners want to plan for the future, ensuring they have an accessible bathroom that allows them to age in their home with security and independence.

In barrierfree applications using KERDI-LINE, the large-format tiles on the bathroom floor can be continued onto the shower base, creating a seamless transition and furthering the open-concept design.

To learn more, visit our dedicated web page.

Informative Meeting Schlüter System

Warning! The content in this page is available only in the following languages: Italian

Meinardi, in collaborazione con Schlüter System organizza il meeting informativo
Sistemi per l’ambiente bagno e pannello universale  Schlüter KERDI-BOARD“.

Data 4 Aprile 2013

Ritrovo ore 07,30 presso la sede di Meinardi Sas

Il corso si terrà presso il Centro Nazionale di Formazione Professionale Schlüter System Italia S.r.l., via Bucciardi n.31/33 – 41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

Il corso è aperto a studi tecnici, studi di architettura, e professionisti del settore.

Clicca sull’immagine per leggere l’invito


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Schlüter Kerdi Line: the floor level shower

Schlüter KERDI Line is the most comprehensive program to make floor level shower trays: thanks to the use of polystyrene panels , the easier installation and the final aesthetic result is experiencing the favor of both the technician and the user .

For more information, please watch the video on the website page dedicated to Schlüter System, or contact us directly.


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